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Pioneer in the Workplace: Imagine a Million-Dollar Idea

Mashable recently published the article, What Are Effective Methods for Brainstorming a Million-Dollar Idea? In it, points such as going meta, combining concepts, being sensitive to pain, bringing tools to an existing problem, and adapting to changing conditions can all be found in the entrepreneurial spirit of the MultiView employee. Read the rest of the article here.



Imagination Day1 MultiView is unlike many other companies because of the open door policy that allows all seniority levels and departments to have a say in what direction the company is going—all get to voice an opinion. What is the forum for this? Imagination Day.


“Imagination Day is an opportunity for you to express your ideas on new and innovative opportunities for the company, whether that’s a new product, a new twist on an existing product, an improvement to a process. It can be outside the scope of … day-to-day work.” Essentially it is a way to impact the future of MultiView while also competing for the best idea.


All ideas are presented in front of a panel that includes CEO, Scott Bedford and President, Dan Maitland. Factors for consideration are “revenue potential, costs, probability for success, risk factors, and compatibility with MultiView’s core competencies.”


MultiView also revs the competitive spirit of its employees by incentivizing with more than just bragging rights. First, second and third places all receive various monetary rewards for hard work.


Last year, a team by the name of Auctus Maximus took home the grand prize out of 11 participating teams. Auctus Maximus was able to combine two concepts to “create low cost industry portal driven by exclusive content that highlights other MultiView product lines while introducing new ad inventory. The portals practically create and maintain themselves.”

Photo Courtesy of Melissa Atchley

Photo Courtesy of Melissa Atchley


Second and third place were secured by teams MultiView Machine and Digital League of Their Own.


What is the million-dollar idea for this year’s Imagination Day?

A day off: Why you need it

Workers today are more productive than ever. They’re plugged into the 24-hours news cycle, can master the latest technology and know the latest trends in social media. They’re part of a highly-connected world that seems to have lost track of a very important concept: Disconnecting.

Disconnecting is the concept of taking a true break from the day-to-day grind of the office – no calls, emails or discussion about work. This is very hard to do considering people spend so much time in their lives worrying about what is going on at work. People forget that once they return from a long needed break, all that stuff will be there.

People deserve vacation time throughout the year because they work so hard to get it. According to an article by Patricia Quigley, published in U.S. News & World Report last year, taking time off can decrease the risk of heart disease, improve reaction times and improve your overall well-being and health.

As if the physical factors of time off were not enough, improvements in mental health are also a direct impact of vacation time. It is well known that employees return to work with a more positive perspective and are also recommitted to accomplishing goals. Even 24 hours away from the office is enough to make you come back to work with a clear mind and a second wind.

Quigley’s article also discusses the long term effects of not taking time off. Not relaxing enough can make it harder to relax in the future. This is due to neural connections that produce calm and peaceful feelings becoming weak. This makes it harder for people to transition into a state of relaxation which is key for restoration. Humans are only able to restore our bodies when we are away from external stresses.

At MultiView, we are lucky enough to receive a generous amount of time off. Click here to see an infographic outlining our PTO accruals versus the rest of the corporate world. It is no surprise that we are a leading B2B digital marketing company. Our employees are well-rested and ready to work.

Guest Blogger, Austin Dicharry: Developing a Sales Approach

It’s been a topic of debate for the better half of a century. Which sales practice yields the best results? Every organization wants to know which approach they should implement in order to receive the best results. However, the answer may not be as easy as choosing a single practice.


The B2B buying process continues to evolve, and the way businesses go about selling their products and services to prospects should reflect these changes.  It’s a necessity for organizations and businesses to bring their sales strategies into the present, so below are a few points to consider when developing a new sales strategy.


  1. B2B Purchasing – The buying process has dramatically changed over the past decade. Most buyers resort to online research and resources to pinpoint which products they want to buy before ever speaking to a sales representative. Keeping this in mind, businesses need to make sure that they are represented well on the Internet and easy to find.
  2. Thought Leadership – In order to gain a prospect’s loyalty, a company must be viewed as credible, reliable and trustworthy. Content marketing is a great avenue to pursue for companies and organizations alike who want to be perceived as thought leaders within their particular industry or vertical. Webinars and seminars are also a great opportunity for businesses that are trying to further advance this initiative. This type of marketing aids sales efforts by developing a positive brand reputation among an audience.
  3. Training – A good amount of time and resources should be invested in the training of a sales team. A sales person must be educated on the business at hand and the language that is native to that industry. Decision makers (DMs) will be expecting the person they are talking about making an investment with will be up to date on the industry knowledge. Go the extra step to ensure the sales team is well versed in the industry they are selling into.
  4. Solution Sharing – All businesses have problems and obstacles to overcome. A good sales person will be able to identify those challenges and offer targeted solutions that involve their business’ products of services. This is how a value proposition is brought to life. So, it is essential to the success of a sales team that they listen to what the DM is telling them. By listening, they are giving themselves a great opportunity to create value for whatever it is they are selling.


There are many more points to consider when formulating a target sales approach, but these four will help to provide a solid foundation.  By ensuring these ideas are developed and sustained, businesses are able to put their best foot forward as they embark on the sales journey.


A Day in the Life of the MultiView DJ

The current DJ here at MultiView is a young man by the name of Dutch Lamons.  He has motivation in his bones, and uses that motivation to foster a fun and positive atmosphere at MultiView. The combination of a charismatic attitude and broad music knowledge make him a great MJ (MultiView’s DJ). Dutch arrives before 7 am to get the music pumping for everyone as they walk in. It is important to start the day off on the right foot; the song choices in the morning are crucial.  Technology is not always trustworthy, so a walk-through of the whole building is necessary each morning to make sure the tunes are bumpin’.


Dutch is also in charge of MultiView’s daily newsletter that goes out to all of the employees; and each day a sales team is featured for the work they accomplished the previous day. Dutch picks the team, and corresponds with the team lead to take a group picture during morning break. Each team has a different theme, or team identity (like the Money Train, or The Sandlot), that he incorporate to produce the newsletter’s artwork. Once completed, the newsletter is sent company wide.


Dutch prides himself on positivity, keeping the atmosphere happy and upbeat.  Something he likes to do throughout each day is walking through all the floors and motivating the masses. Whether it’s a simple “keep it up”, high five, or motivational speech, the MJ is always ready to keep the sales floor optimistic and productive!


After the newsletter is sent out and lunch is over, Dutch spends the next two hours searching for new music.  He calls this his quiet time (although there’s nothing really quiet about it). When playing to 1,100 employees for 11 hours a day (about 200 songs a day) it is important to keep the music fresh and uplifting. This requires hours of researching, testing and exploring.


At the 2:00pm break, Dutch gets his camera ready for action. Whether it’s for the phone list, sales all-star wall of champions, or Instagram, there is always a picture that needs to be taken. After break, the MJ makes MultiView’s presence known on social media. This is another of his many jobs, and an important one at that. A strong social media presence can be the difference between average exposure and GREAT exposure. By the end of the day he is all danced out and preparing for the next day!


These duties, along with a dozen other tasks and encouragements comprise a day in the life of the MJ. Dutch loves his job, and MultiView has reacted positively to him. Stop by his office anytime to say hello!


Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan: A reason for Strategy

As much as modern businesses have benefited from the amazing surge in recent technology, they’re also up against other companies with all the same benefits at their disposal. This abundance has leveled the playing field, while at the same time made it completely unpredictable. Not everyone can find the right path in the amazing technological wonderland that will lead you to that sweet spot.


In this new, continually changing age of modern marketing, you have to treat your campaign as if you are heading off to do battle. As any great war general knows, you need a plan of attack that guarantees a certain measure of success that you and your team determine. By getting to know your competitors’ tactics and strategies, you can create your own campaigns in anticipation of their next move. Everyone understands that the market is tight, and you have to have a comprehensive plan that has success written all over it.


Devise a plan that will produce reasonably predictable results

The same way that a general would not ask troops to march blindly into battle, you and your marketing team work together, gathering reconnaissance and creating a winning strategy that will catch your competitors by surprise by completely stunning and attracting your target audience, which ultimately results in sales and brand loyalty from those customers.


You and your team should consider a multi-pronged attack in your campaign, which includes marketing, digital marketing, strategic concerns, programmatic matters, content marketing, visual content, the ability to innovate and the use of thought leadership.


When you take all the above factors into consideration, you are building a strategy that will yield results.


Build a strong marketing plan amid strong competition

As digital marketing continues to eclipse traditional analog marketing, you need to stay as up-to-date as possible, if not ahead of what the industry has in store in the near future. The better prepared you are for the next hot social media platform or mobile app, the better it is for your business. At the same time, don’t discount the value of traditional marketing tools such as print newsletters, direct mail campaigns and posters. Consider which type of marketing suits your needs best in a variety of situations, and use either or some combination of the two styles.


Digital marketing: The wave of the future

With social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others, you can reach your prospective and current customers in a matter of moments with a timely message that gives a call to action to your audience.


Focus on quality to satisfy search engines

Gone are the days when you can select certain keywords and expect page views for your website. In order to make search engines happy, provide high-quality content that offers your customers real solutions and interesting information about your products and services. With these qualities, you are creating yet another strategy toward reaching your customers using content marketing. Update your website’s blog and other content often to make sure the search engine’s crawlers find new materials to index, helping boost your page ranking.


Images, moving and still

Photographs and brief videos that help your customers understand your business better are highly valuable. Coupled with high-quality content, your photographs and videos can attract customers to your page and keep them there long enough to make the sale.


Never fear trying something new

If you come up with something that hasn’t yet been done in your business, go with it. Believe in it and work to turn it into a viable marketing campaign that will draw in your potential audience, attracting new potential customers.


Creating the need and nurturing it

Thought leadership marketing creates a campaign where you let prospective customers know that your product is something they might need, even if they aren’t completely sure of it. This type of marketing campaign is similar to others mentioned, since you will use content, visual imagery and suggestion to draw in your customers.

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