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MultiView hosts digital media sales recruiting event July 29th in Toronto, Canada

recruiting eventToronto, July 14, 2015 – MultiView, North America’s largest B2B digital marketing company is hosting a digital media sales recruiting event July 29th from 6:00PM – 8:00PM EST at its Toronto Office at 50 Minthorn Blvd., Suite 800 Thornhill, ON L3T 7X8.

This occasion will give Canadian job seekers an opportunity to learn more about digital media careers as well as encounter MultiView’s fun, youthful working environment.

Jonny Hill, Director of Marketing Technology, says that this is not your typical recruiting event.

“Our office has an amazing culture. We are excited to give prospective new hires an opportunity to experience it while learning about how MultiView is a great place to start a lucrative digital media sales career. There are a lot of great activities planned – a party truck, music, food and merriment.”

The MultiView Canada office is growing in leaps and bounds, managing a major part of the company’s business. This recruiting event will be the first of a series planned on further expanding the office.

All event attendees are required to RSVP.


About MultiView: MultiView is the fearlessly creative provider of inspired marketing solutions for partners and clients in the B2B space. They rank No. 1 in the delivery of hands-on industry expertise. For more than 15 years, MultiView has been building digital B2B campaigns that deliver creative solutions elevated by personalized service. With its uniquely creative approach to B2B marketing and strategy, MultiView has earned the trust and business of tens of thousands of Fortune 500 and mid-market publishers and advertisers. MultiView is part of the Warburg Pincus portfolio of companies, a private equity firm with investments in more than 650 companies across 30 countries. MultiView has been an A+ Better Business Bureau accredited business since 2007, with a commitment to being the hardest-working creative and technology partner the B2B sector will ever have. MultiView has offices in Irving, Texas; Lehi, Utah; National Harbor, Maryland; and Toronto, Canada.

Don Draper, meet big data

This article was written by Callie Wheeler, MultiView Account Manager, and was originally featured on Programmatic Advertising.org.  

If you’re anything like me, when you first heard the term “programmatic advertising,” you couldn’t decide if it had something to do with the TV Guide on grandma’s coffee table, those rotating billboards that annoy you while you’re stuck in traffic or robots sitting behind computers on some distant island compound programming futuristic pop-ups.


Thankfully, programmatic advertising isn’t any of the weird things I thought it might be. Programmatic advertising is the intersection of data and creativity, and it’s quickly become a prominent tool in everyone’s hip-to-the-groove tool belt for a good reason: It’s the advertising equivalent of marrying Don Draper and the only thing Harry Crane ever loved more than himself – Sterling Cooper’s computer.

Remember all the conversations at the SC&P office about ad placement? Would ratings go up during this episode? Would this magazine issue sell well? That same idea has been our best bet at reaching the right group throughout all of advertising’s evolutions: Create a commercial with your audience in mind, and air it during the hour you think they’ll be watching TV. Purchase a full-page ad in GQ to draw attention to your limited batch tonic, buy out all the ad space on the Knot’s website for your doggy ring bearer outfits (so cute!) and get your company’s Don Draper to knock the ads out of the park.

At some point everyone accepted that your ad, your space and your money would be wasted on some viewers. Sometimes a teetotaler buys an issue of GQ; what can you do? And that’s when Harry Crane’s computer bursts onto the scene and beep-boops his way into our hearts because he’s got a solution, and we’ve got the Internet.

Take all of that data that the Hansels and Gretels of the Internet are dropping like breadcrumbs, and turn it into money. Use your audience’s online behavior to gauge their interest and follow them where they’re already headed. It’s beautiful, really — we’ve always known that each individual is complex and unique, and you can’t fit all Belle Jolie buyers into one lipstick tube.

So let all of those individuals be individual, and once you find them, introduce yourself. You’re the answer to the question they didn’t even realize they needed to ask, and I think Don Draper would like that because programmatic advertising takes the best parts of advertisers — creativity, insight and moxie — and equips them with the modern-day treasure trove of data that online behavior provides.

MultiView inspires employees’ imagination with Creativity: Hot and Fresh event May 15th

Company hosts event to encourage creative thinking in all departments


Lauren Weiss, Geoffrey Forneret, Michael Gibbon enjoying Abundantly Aromatic

MultiView believes in stimulating creativity and innovation in all of its employees.

“Creativity is the force that spurs us to find new ways to improve our business and the services we offer our partners and clients. Outside-of-the-box thinking is not just beneficial for artists, but for everyone,” says Austin Dicharry, MultiView’s marketing manager.

The company is hosting its quarterly Creativity: Hot and Fresh event Friday, May 15th from 10:30AM – 12:0PM for its 500 employees in the Irving, Texas office.

Abel Garcia - CFN

Live painting by Abel Garcia

“The purpose of this event is to give our employees an opportunity to be inspired by creative local artisans, craftsmen and their goods. We have a very broad assortment — representing the most interesting selections the Dallas-Fort Worth area has to offer.”

The May 15th event features 16 different vendors, offering unique finds for both men and women.

Creativity: Hot and Fresh will include old employee favorites such as Abundantly Aromatic, Jackie Bartush and Haüs of Growlers along with new additions, like Cowboy Up Men’s Salon which will offer men’s “Giddy-up Facials” and traditional hot-lather neck shaves.

As employees peruse vendor booths, they will enjoy the lounge atmosphere set by DJ Cayne, a MultiView employee, and Spinster Records.

Event participants will also observe live painting by local artist Abel Garcia and have an opportunity to participate in a collaborative art project led by Cara-Calvert Thomas.


Music by DJ Cayne

Creativity: Hot and Fresh Vendors

Abel Garcia

Cara-Calvert Thomas

Shauna Bjarke



Jackie Bartush

Angela Mosera

8FD Designs

Abundantly Aromatic

Sunshine Tienda

Haüs of Growlers

The Brownie Cottage

Dude, Sweet Chocolate

Of Mud & Coal

Cowboy Up Men’s Salon

Spinster Records

Wayne Works

B2B Lead Generation Best Practices for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses – an Interview with MultiView’s Expert, Andrew Kretzschmer

leadgeneration2Andrew Kretzschmer, MultiView’s director of sales operations, has over seven years of lead generation experience. Since joining the company in 2011, his insights have been instrumental in generating new business as the company expanded its product line from digital publications to targeted campaigns, MultiView’s latest B2B advertising offering.

MH: Andrew, how would you define lead generation to someone who is new to the industry?

Andrew Kretzschmer: Lead generation is all about identifying and targeting audiences. First and foremost, who are you trying to target? Once you have determined who your audience is, you can then work on actually finding them.

MH: What tips do you have for smaller organizations?

Andrew Kretzschmer: I advise small businesses, nonprofits and startups to begin with attending local trade shows, association and industry events. I also recommend getting actively involved in a trade association.

MH: What are some major issues that affect B2B lead generation practices across all SMBs?

Andrew Kretzschmer: Many companies do not coordinate or integrate leads across departments. Every department develops leads of some sort, whether they are prospective new hires, vendors or clients. You need to have a good platform for consolidating these leads – whether it is a CRM system or just a well-planned Excel spreadsheet.

MH: What are some issues impacting the overall B2B lead generation industry?

Andrew Kretzschmer: The biggest issue for B2B marketing lead generation is getting the most up-to-date content and contact information. Because today’s professionals move so often between companies, geographic regions and industries, your data could very easily be irrelevant. Sometimes you will find that the contact is no longer at a particular company, or has a new email address or phone number. You have to constantly get fresh data.

MH: How do you focus lead generation on something as specific as plastics recycling professionals or otolaryngologists?

We also have a small, highly trained team dedicated to researching and validating specific leads. We use a variety of methods to actually make sure we are communicating with the right groups. For instance, we search for the businesses that have purchased the right keywords for qualifying as a lead. Another option is to manually check our secondary data with Google searches.

MH: How can SMBs with less staff implement hyper-niche lead generation?  

Andrew Kretzschmer: There are many lead generation service providers that offer different options and prices.  I recommend trying these.

Creative Approaches in Analytics – an Interview with MultiView’s Lead Gen Expert, Andrew Kretzschmer


Andrew Kretzschmer, MultiView’s director of sales operations, is a dual package of creativity ­­and analytics prowess. He manages MultiView’s B2B lead generation operations and fervently believes in cultivating innovation in analytics.

“Someone has to create a more efficient process. Why can’t it be you?”

An entrepreneur at heart, Andrew is always finding new opportunities. In college he built a real estate business by purchasing homes in Grand Prairie and Desoto, Texas, flipping them for revenue.

MH: How has your entrepreneurial mindset and creative thinking helped you in analytics?

AK: Creativity allows me to think outside of the box and come up with new strategies and ways of finding leads. Every day, you have to discover new ways of doing things – learning and inventing what no one has before. I am often presented with a task that I have to innovate to solve, and that is where creativity really comes into play.

MH: Can you give us an example of creativity at work in your lead generation practices?

AK: Creativity helps me see new patterns in prospect behavior, and then craft new ways of drawing correlations and targeting that behavior.

For instance, I used creativity to design a new lead scoring algorithm that takes internal and external variables from our database, such as Google AdWords or site traffic data, and combines these variables to estimate the probability of a company making a purchase based on its behavioral patterns.

MH: How did MultiView empower you to be creative in your role?

AK: If you have a great idea, this is a safe place for growing and presenting it to management. I have implemented many new ideas and improvements because of the company’s culture and approach to innovation.

That’s what I love about MultiView – it is open to new ideas and allows you to be creative by looking outside of the box for solutions.

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